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Stay on mission!

Our mission at Bethlehem Lutheran Church is to "worship God as a loving community that grows in faith and shares the Gospel of Christ."

To help us in this mission, our worship services may be found live and online (HERE).

But, worship doesn't end on Sunday. That's just the beginning as our worship continues through-out the week, serving God and loving each other.

Contact Pastor if you would like to get involved!

How can we pray for you?

We believe in the power of prayer and would love to pray for you!

Please, call the office or send prayer requests to Pastor Josh at

It is helpful to know if the prayer request is confidential (so only our leadership team prays for you) or public (so that we may send it out to our Prayer Warriors).

If you would like to help us pray, join the BLC Prayer Warriors TODAY: CLICK HERE.

Feel like you're missing out?

There are a lot of amazing new things happening here at Bethlehem (by the grace of God!).

To make sure that you stay in the loop, sign up for our monthly newsletter (CLICK HERE).

You may also call the office if you would like a hard copy at (831) 373-1523.